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Company Profile

<A specialist in turbine blade production>

TBM is a specialist in producing turbine blades used in marine superchargers and steam and gas turbines for thermal and nuclear generation.
In order to produce turbine blades, accumulated high technology as well as excellent production facilities are required. The reasons are because turbine blades for power generators use difficult-to-cut materials to endure the use in such an extreme environment, with high temperatures and high rotational speed. Also, turbine blades require complex, three-dimensional curved machining to complete their shape. Lastly, turbine blades are large in size so they require the capability to process large parts.
Our high reliability, high-precision and high efficiency production technology has been recognized by many customers. We now supply about half of the turbine blades used in leading manufacturers of power generators in Japan, holding over 40 percent of the domestic market share. We support the electrical energy infrastructure of Japan and the world.
Also manufacturing blades for aircraft jet engines, liners and large-scale cast steel valve components, we strive to conduct business to be the leading and best manufacturer of mechanical parts machining.
We at TBM strive to further expand our business across the world.

Corporate Mission

  • Sincerity
  • Mutual Trust
  • Aggressive Challenges

Origin of the company name

Wishing to become the "Top and Best" manufacturer of turbine blades and machine parts machining…

TBM excels in manufacturing turbine blades for power generators and other uses. We also enjoy an excellent reputation from major companies in machining machine parts.

The name TBM (TBM Corporation) was determined accordingly as the acronym of "Top & Best Manufacturer of Turbine Blades & Machine Parts."

"T" of the company's logo directly projects the image of a turbine blade, "B" reflects the clear stream of the Tenryu River and "M" represents the image of the sublime Central Alps.