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Production System


TBM's Turbine Blade Processing

"Turbine blades are the most important components that determine generating efficiency."


A high level of accuracy and strength as well as capabilities of complex 3D curved machining are required in order to convert such thermal energy as gas and water vapor at high temperatures and pressure into rotational motion efficiently.
TBM has established a total production system from cutting, milling and grinding various materials to inspecting completed products based on the processing technologies accumulated over the years. We produce turbine blades with high quality and accuracy that can meet the strict expectations of customers.


Receive final product drawings and materials from customer.

Using in-house CAD and CAM systems, work drawings for each process and highly accurate processing programs are created. In addition, a process method with high accuracy and efficiency (process, machinery, production tooling) are determined.


Using the in-house cutting-edge machining center, turbine blades are fabricated with high-quality and accuracy in accordance with work drawings.
After machining, the products are completed using a dedicated blade grinder and further elaborated manually in a careful and accurate manner.

In order to provide completed products that our customers can use safely and reliably, we conduct quality checks using the latest systems, such as 3D measuring devices, to assure that the products run in accordance with the specifications.