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1979 Founded with a capital of 30 million yen as Yamada Kogyo Corporation
1980 Started machining steam turbine blades for Keihin Product Operations at Toshiba Corporation
1981 Added a large-scale machine factory
1985 Started machining turbine blades for Takasago Works at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
1988 Started engaging in finish machining of aircraft jet engine parts as a subcontractor of Aviation Business Unit at Ishikawajima Hanyou Kikai KK


Increased the capital to 62 million yen
1995 Acquired the ISO9002 certification
1997 Changed the company name to TBM Corporation Increased the capital to 95 million yen
1999 Started dealing directly with General Electric in the U.S. in turbine blade machining
Started machining turbine blades for Toshiba GE Turbine Components Co., Ltd.
2000 Issued private placement bonds
2003 Acquired the environmental certification ISO14001
2005 Obtained the land of 45,500m2 in Ina Interchange Industrial Park for the Ina Factory
2007 Ina Factory started operation
2009 Awarded the "Corporate Excellence Prize" in the 42nd Good Company Awards
Acquired the aerospace certification JISQ9100
Selected as one of the 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs
2010 Installed a turbine rotor in Ina Factory as a display
2011 Installed a solar power system in Ina Factory (Maximum power generation capacity 151 kwh)
2012 Introduced a large-scale blade grinder for the first time
2013 Completed the second phase of the Ina Factory construction