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What is a turbine blade?

What's Turbine blade?

Turbine blades generate rotational energy.

Electric power continues to support our daily life day and night.
It is a thermal power generator or a nuclear power generator that produces electricity. Turbine blades are an array of blades (wings) placed in a radiating form around the center of rotation axis called a rotor in the power generator, the inside of which cannot normally be seen from outside. Turbine blades are the most important parts to convert thermal energy, such as steam and gas, to rotational energy, and tirelessly keep working as a behind-the-scenes player in modern society.
Turbine blades have "moving blades" that are incorporated and rotate on the rotor side and "stationary blades" that are incorporated on the casing side.
Turbine blades are also used in aircraft, marine vehicles, etc. in addition to the turbines in power generators.